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Alloy Plans to Create the Most Sustainable Block in Downtown Brooklyn.

The first phase of Alloy’s full block development in Downtown Brooklyn will include the city’s first all-electric residential tower and first passive house public schools. With a view towards a carbon-free future, both buildings will be designed with state-of-the art building systems to dramatically reduce energy consumption and related carbon emissions.

Alloy Electric Tower Sml

100 Flatbush Avenue, a mixed-use tower with retail, office, and residential, will be New York City’s first fossil fuel free, all-electric residential tower.  State-of-the-art induction cook tops and heat pump dryers will be implemented in the apartments.  Eliminating all gas service to the building will allow it to be run on 100% renewable energy sources in the future and improve indoor air quality.  Additionally, we have removed all parking from the project, which will encourage the use of mass transportation at the adjacent Atlantic Terminal, the second largest transit hub in NYC. 

Alloy Passive School Edit

489 State Street will house a new public elementary and a new home for the existing Khalil Gibran International Academy.  Designed by Architecture Research Office, the building will achieve a Passive House Certification, the first of its kind in NYC.  Some of its most notable energy saving features include a highly insulated building envelope with a thermal-bridge-free construction, reduced heating and cooling systems, and heat recovery ventilation systems.

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